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In today’s political arenaed 2 w-border, the nation seems to be much more divided than in the past, however since the founding of the country, every generation has had to deal with challenges that, at the time, were felt to be almost insurmountable by the people. The country faced the battle for independence from England, wars against colonialism, tyranny, and to insure freedom and liberty for countries other than our own. We even had to fight ourselves when the nation was torn apart by states rights and the slavery issue during the Civil War.

We have had to cast off corruption in government, expose the crony capitalism that continues to try highjacking our economy for personal gain, and are just now understanding how government control over education has so dumbed-down our society, that a majority of people do not have a clue as to the perils that face the very existence of this country. The rise of conservative thought in the face of the Marxist-Socialist agenda of the left is the last vestige of hope for the salvation of our democratic representative form of government.

Throughout our history there has been a commonality that has held the country together, and that is liberty and freedom.  The federal government is choking the very blood out of our quest for freedom, and the pursuit of happiness, making many citizens feel the American Dream is beyond their reach. The problem is exasperated by the electronic age in which we live. News travels as fast as the speed of light; the advent of Facebook, Twitter, and other social media have become the news reporters of the day and because we have access to computers I-Pads, and cellular phones, we are only nano-seconds away from information overload, yet many choose to look the other way or simply live in denial about the problems facing our country.

To those wanting to be informed however, it is easier today than at any time in history. This is the double-edge sword of these devices-of-convenience in that our privacy has been violated, our identities stolen, and made it  easier than ever for the government to spy on us, endangering our constitutionally assured God-given rights, and in fact, making government impervious to the checks and balances written into the constitution itself.

Each week I will continue to share my thoughts with those seeking answers as to how we take back control of our country from those who are content with the status quo, and those wanting to subject us to their control.  With each new book I write, I pledge to fan the flames of American Exceptionalism. There is light on the horizon as more and more people see we are on the road to ruin, and that he conservative movement is the only answer to the lies of Karl Marx and the ilk that preaches to us the false promise and glory of “the common good”. Their failed ideas have never proven to work in the entire history of societies trying to govern themselves, and have shown they can only be held together at the point of a gun.

“It takes less courage to criticize the decisions of others than to stand by your own.” – Attila the Hun


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