They’re not just ignorant . . . stupid is as stupid does!

The face of reality. The 2016 election is over and we have a chance to set America on a sound course. It won’t be easy and it won’t be a fast process, but we have been given a second chance and we must hold President Trump to the highest of standards.

History is full of ignoramuses, but today’s history is being marked by fools who do not have a clue as to how lucky they were to have been born in America, or who became American because their families were able to immigrate to this great country. There are also many who are in the U.S. because they were able to emigrate using our VISA process but are not here permanently. Most of those folks realize that they are fortunate to be here and partake of our democratic freedoms and liberty.

There really are several different kinds of Americans residing within our borders. We have what NBCNews writer, Tom Brokaw, called the Greatest Generation Americans, which are those born in the late twenties,  thirties and forties, who literally brought the United States to the forefront of global leadership, and saved the world from domination first by, the Axis Powers of the Tripartite Pact –  Germany, Italy, and Japan, and then by the brutal dictatorship of the Soviet Union during the Cold War.

We then have the offspring of the Greatest Generation, politely termed the Baby Boomer Generation, which is a mixed bag of good, bad, ugly, ignorant, spoiled, and feckless bunch of fools God could have ever imagined. Some turned out being great leaders and mentors for the generations that have and will follow.

Others have become what must be called a gaggle of “me first”, selfish, and worthless fools, that gravitated toward and championed the liberal progressives that think only of themselves and feel justified in stealing everything they can through government manipulation. They are the ones, many who have sought power in governmental or elected positions, who felt it has been their “duty” to confiscate as much wealth as possible and that their position allows . . . meet today’s political class.

We should all be on our knees these days thanking God in prayer, that the noble part of the Baby Boomers finally rose up in November 2016, and told America, “enough is enough”, when they elected to take back our country from those who would do us under. We have no further to look than to those who snookered us for the last thirty years, into believing all this crap about liberal-progressive ideals that in reality, are no better than outright socialistic-Marxist rhetoric.  Their counter parts in the Roaring 20’s promised every American prosperity:

“A chicken in every pot and a car in every garage” – Republican presidential candidate in 1928, Herbert Hoover

Obama, Beiden, Pelosi, Reid, Schumer, Foley, The Black Caucus, and other noted liars and cheats of the Liberal-Progressive wing of the Democrat Party, had American hood-winked into thinking there really is a Santa Claus in the form of the Federal Government. They went about stealing America from the American people. They promised, like their counterparts throughout history, that government will make everybody equal (except for themselves, of course, who must be part of the corrupt ruling class), and that everyone will have homes, healthcare, cell phone, computers, public education, transportation, food, prosperity and wealth that would be the envy of the rest of the world.

After $20 Trillion dollars and one failed policy after another, the house of cards was about to fall in, when we sober and sane remainders of the Baby Boomer generation woke up, and declared, “Out with the Buggers”, and chose to go a different route. I know, many will not remember the promises or ever be willing to hold those liars accountable for their theft of America’s treasury, but to list a few of those failed wet dreams:

  • Our once vaulted education system, fell from the top of the charts internationally, according to S.I.A. – Programme for International Student Assessment in 2012, to 17th in math, 21st in science, and 17th in reading, despite spending more money on education than any other country on earth.
  • Obama’s pledge with “Shovel-ready jobs”, to transform American energy to solar, wind, and renewables, and to bankrupt our coal industries and shut off fossil fuels. The result has been disastrous and has American involved in never-ending Middle East wars over continued global supplies of petro energy (much of the supply controlled by countries and terrorist who wish to control America’s destiny). We have seen the demise of Solyndra and 35 other renewable energy companies go belly up on the taxpayers while their executives (friends of Obama) made off like Jesse James with the loot.
  • We had the prospect of universal healthcare, and a promise that every family would save $2500/year in out-of-pocket medical costs; that we could keep our insurance plans and our doctors, while being covered for pre-existing conditions and unlimited coverage no matter what the cost. This was akin to a gold miner’s dream, but in the end the insurance companies and a whole new government bureaucracy got the gold, and we the taxpayers got the SHAFT!
  • We were offered “peace in our time”, by the Obama Administration over the debacle that is centered in Iran’s quest to wipe Israel off the map, develop a nuclear bomb, and become a “world nuclear power” with a nuclear intercontinental ballistic missile delivery system. We even agreed to pay the Iranian government a $1.5 billion ransom for several of our illegally held American hostages, while the Administration unilaterally, without the ratification of Congress, gave Iran a fast-lane, green-line highway in their quest for nuclear weapons. The Obama Administration, made up of educators and elite political elitists morons with no practical experience in the reality of real life, were totally out maneuvered by the Iranians who have the mindset of sixth century barbarians, and got nothing in return but a promise that our children and grandchildren will live under Iran’s nuclear-threat well into the future.
  • For a promise of Hope and Change we have seen the greatest nation on earth being diminished right before our very eyes. Had we not cast of the shackles of Obamanomics and liberal-progressive policies, BY SAYING NO to the election of what would have been another Obama term with Hillary Clinton – the most corrupt and dishonest candidate to ever run for public office in the United States – we would have been more than likely pushed past the point of no return as the only nation standing in the way of global tyranny and domination.
  • As it is, Mr. Trump is eye-to-eye with a national debt created under the Obama presidency that is greater than the total debt created by all previous presidents combined; we have 90+million people that are not participating in the work force – the greatest number in recorded history; we have the highest number of welfare recipients, a loss of more than $5000 in annual gross family income over the Obama years, and more Democrat Party governed cities facing bankruptcy with taxes so high their citizens and businesses are fleeing in record numbers. This is what the 2016 presidential election was all about. The electorate said, “Enough of those liberal-progressive promises and the corruption that comes with it – that cozy relationship of crony capitalism where the rich get richer and the poor get children!

To hear the cries from  the corrupt mainstream media; the Hollywood elitists; the still wet-behind-the-ears underage, pimple-faced adolescents who long for free school, free phones, and free government handouts with someone else paying the bill (the Bernie Sander group of simpleton blockheads),  America will now be destroyed by returning to Constitutional Government, the rule of law, respect for authority, self-reliance, honesty in government, and secure borders with a strong military which the rest of the world will respect, along sound monetary policy. . . in short, “get back to the policies that got us where we were before liberal-progressives got their foot in the door”

The best music to my ears at this point would be for the Rosie O’Donnell’s, the Whoopi Goldberg’s, Alec Baldwin’s, Miley Cyrus’s, Lena Dunham’s, Amy Schumer’s, Cher’s, Chelsea Handler’s, Jon Stewarts’s, George Lopez’s, Barbra Streisand’s, Samuel Jackson’s, and countless loser-elected officials, and the in-the-tank apologist media pundits, along with the establishment staus-quo Republican pin-headed political talking wonks, to simply honor their promise and just disappear from America. I am sure, like Sean Penn who praised the Castros and fell in love with Hugo Chavez, they would all be much more content to practice their trades where people aren’t so free, and where liberty is oppressed like they want for we the opposition voices here in America.

Oh . . . and by the way, be sure to take San Francisco 49er, Colin Kaepernick, with you . . . see if he can work his way into a hundred million dollar contract anywhere else on earth!



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