Part 1 -The importance of the Second Amendment

The Second Amendment is one of the most important rights we Americans have to protect our freedom, liberty, and insure the safety of our family and homes. It is not an issue of being part of a “well regulated militia” as some wish to use as a narrow definition. You have to read the Federalist Papers for the true intent.

I think we all recognize we are living in a dangerous time, both here in the U.S. and around the world. We have global instability with the Russians in the Middle East purportedly to “fight ISIS”; their continued threats of aggression in the countries of Eastern Europe; and the potential for them to join OPEC in an attempt to bolster sagging oil prices and to drive a stake through the heart of NATO whose member countries are reliant upon imported petroleum to maintain their commerce.obama vs world leaders

The Chinese are eyeballing a possible power grab in the South China and East China seas, according to current and former U.S. officials. Kim Jung-Il of North Korean is waving a threatening fist at America with his rapidly-emerging capability to deliver and detonate an electromagnetic pulse (EMP) device in the sky over America which could knock out electronic computer circuits and paralyze virtually all activities over a vast region. And what looks to be the start of “cycle of provocation” by either or both, Beijing or Pyongyang in the region, testing U.S. resolve in our relationship with Japan, the country we militarily neutered following World War II, and South Korea.

In the battle against terror, we see Obama and our wobbly-kneed, Congressional leaders, cede leadership around the world to Vladimir Putin and his band of international thugs. While the liberals, in complete disregard for the security of our country, are bowing to pressure from the blind international ignoramuses who make up the UN, are about to open our borders to hundreds of thousands of supposed “refugees” from the Middle East.

ISIS, Al-Qaida, and the rest of the Islamist Neanderthals who want the world to digress to the Stone Age, have developed the perfect Trojan Horse for infiltrating U.S. borders . . . forget the Mexican-U.S. border . . . this is too easy – a walk in the park, so to speak. We are ceding the sovereignty of our country by invitation to those who want to kill us. This is no joke as those in Western Europe are finding out. Why is it that Saudi Arabia, Dubai, the U.A.E. and other Islamic countries of the Middle East have their borders closed to their brethren Islamist “refugees” from Syria and elsewhere, when they have the financial resources and land to support those looking for new homes? What do they know about these military-aged trouble-makers that we can’t seem to see?

… and this is the good news about our disintegration as a global leader. To Obama it looks to be all a part of his plan to destroy America . . . pardon me . . . “to transform America”, all capped off with his dismantling of our military forces. I believe it is all about creating the Perfect Storm for the downfall of America by President Obama who arguably may be the Manchurian Candidate of the new world order. This is not just conjecture. Look at the facts at what has transpired under this Administration:

  • For the first time in history America’s middle class isn’t the richest in the world. Canada’s middle class has passed us.
  • China is set to pass the United States as the world’s largest economy (based on consumer spending), and will be the first time since the mid 1800’s that America has not been the biggest economy in world.
  • For the first time in American history more businesses are closing each day than they are starting. . . this is across all industries.
  • There are now 70 percent more Americans collecting government subsidy checks than working in the private sector (148 million receiving benefits vs. 86 million workers still employed in the labor force) – Americans now receive more in entitlements than those who work full-time.
  • A full-time employed male now earns less than he did forty years ago when adjusted for inflation. Measured in 2014 dollars, the median male full-time worker made $50,383 last year against $53,294 in 1973, according to new S. Census Bureau figures, and twenty percent of U.S. families don’t have a single member who is employed.
  • Sixty percent of the jobs that were lost when the economy collapsed were middle-class jobs. According to The Economist, even though we have seen a meager number of new jobs created since 2008 (it takes between 150,000 – 200,000 new jobs/month to keep up with the country’s growth), only about 22% of the jobs which have been created under Obama would be considered “middle class jobs”. We are rapidly becoming a low-pay, service industry economy.
  • Though the Democrats tout a “recovery” is in process, that tune doesn’t play well with the population. 70% of Americans believe we are still in the middle of the economic crisis or that the worst is yet to come.
  • Newsmax, Rasmussen, Real Clear Politics and other surveys contend that the country is headed down the wrong path by an average margin of 63.7% to 26.6%. I guess the 9.7% who had no opinion on the matter were in too much of a “legalized marijuana haze” to figure out an answer to the survey questions.

Certainly this situation might not be solely the result of the Messiah Obama (as he’ been declared by the left) directly, but his policies have clearly not worked and has sent the country rocketing toward the fiscal cliff. But there are other facts that cannot be ignored.

The left tells us our prisons are over-crowded so we must let a bunch of these “victims of social injustice” go. The administration has encouraged the recent release of 36,000 of these rehabilitated felons onto society. I can assure you, these Obama 1941fine people will not be taking up residences in the gated communities of the governing elite!

Our southern border is in shambles even as we face the onslaught of an invasion of refugees (term is used very loosely) from the Middle East. We have Sanctuary Cities harboring felons who continue to re-enter the country; our government encourages the uneducated peasants from South and Central American to cross into America by advertising the benefits of living in America. Citizenship for children of illegal immigrants born on this side of the border is easier than sinking a 2″ putt, and the whole family will benefit from food stamp handouts, refugee status (if you say the right words) and full benefits for all, including financial assistance and Medicaid medical care from the taxpayers of America. My God . . . what a wonderful Destination for someone with nothing.

“A country without borders is not a country” – Thomas Jefferson

The President however, is also directly to blame for trading five jihadist mass murderers from Guantanamo for the traitor Bergdahl, who will more than likely not face a tribunal for desertion which caused the death of many of his fellow soldiers who went looking for him. There is definitely something really wrong with this picture when coupled with the actions of Obama himself along with Hillary Clinton over the Benghazi cover-up which resulted in even more death of U.S. citizens. Looks like Hillary and Obama will both beat the rap for these FUBARS as well.

Obama cannot hide from his policies which has strangled business with tens of thousands of new regulations that are adding thousands of dollars to middle-class American’s energy bills. And still we sit on the largest energy reserves on the globe – exceeding most of the rest of the world combined when including gas, oil, oil shale, and coal!

Ask any entrepreneur how the additional proposed 442 new taxes by the Obama government has affected their businesses, and then ask any one of the 319 million U.S. citizens just how the U.S. will ever repay the national debt which is headed toward $19 Trillion dollars. This has to be laid at the doorstep of the White House and the man who wants to be king inside.

Before anyone with a sound mind can digest the above information, it might be beneficial to revisit Obama’s promise supported 100% by the Democrats and opposed by 100% of the Republicans that Obamacare would save the average household $2500 per year in health insurance, lower the cost of pharmaceuticals, and that “your health premiums will go down, and if you like your insurance, you can keep it?”.

We all witnessed the BIG LIE as told by Obamacare guru/consultant, Jonathan Gruber, who had the huevos to even brag about the lie knowing all the while that up to 80 percent of small business employees would lose their insurance, as will up to 60 percent of all employees, and that health insurance premiums would skyrocket. Problem with liberals is that they are too proud of their ability to deceive the voters that they just can’t keep their mouths shut. Now that is really stupidity!

It is out of utter contempt and sheer exhaustion (the list is just to long) that I will not go on listing the many reasons we Americans need to rely on the Second Amendment for the sake of our country and for the freedom of future generations. Does anyone in their right mind believe that we would not have already been thrown under the bus by the liberal progressives if we had relinquished our arms years ago? Does anyone with an IQ above 3 believe that foreign tyrants and evil governments around the world would not already be on our doorsteps had we voluntarily turned over our guns like the Brits and the Aussies?

The left, in a never-say-die vain attempt to convince Americans that we should do away with the right to bear arms, or legislate by law or by the Supreme Court if necessary, make ownership so restrictive that no one can afford a gun or the ammunition needed, have no idea how our right to own a gun is the only real answer we citizens have in response to an ever increasing dangerous world, and they only mechanism we retain for keeping everyone free to voice their opinions about anything . . .even them.

President Obama, in his usual attempt to politicize every event, particularly in light of his collapsed Middle East policies and global chaos, was the first to weigh-in on the tragedy in Oregon, to again attempt to mislead the citizens of this country about the need to take guns out of the hands of law abiding citizens. As part of his rhetoric he professed that we should follow England and Australia which have virtually disarmed their citizens, and how much safer and better life is for them because of this move.

Unfortunately his words not only had a hollow ring, but they are reminiscent of his assurances about Obamacare, and that we could keep our doctors, health insurance companies, and that we would all save a boat load of money in the process. As I end Part 1 of this article, perhaps you should view the real facts regarding crime in England versus the U.S. by watching this YouTube video.

In Part 2 we will look at the real numbers regarding global homicide rates and crime and just where the U.S. fits into picture. We’ll compare the relative rate of gun homicides to homicides by other means and then take a close look at what the Founding Fathers really meant in the wording of the Second Amendment.

“A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”


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