Part 1. Racism, bigotry, slavery, injustice, and the Democrat Party


On the evening of June 17, 2015, 21-year-old Dylann Roof, of Shelby, North Carolina, walked into Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in downtown Charleston, South Carolina, where a Bible study session was taking place. He was invited to participate by those sharing the fellowship, and for about an hour he sat in silence praying with those present and was apparently absorbed in the content of the Bible verse discussion.

Democrats at home with the Klan

Democrats at home with the Klan

At about 9 PM, all hell broke loose as Dylann reached into his pocket, wrapped his hand around his gun, his finger on the trigger, and began firing it at those in his company the minute the gun cleared his pocket. Within seconds, amid the acrid order of burnt gunpowder, three men and six women lie dead. Typical of a deranged mind that could fathom such horror, Dylann, who intended to kill everyone one in the room, failed in his task, like he failed everything in life, because three of the twelve victims managed to survive to tell the gruesome story.

Terror events, and this surely must be labeled as such, occur in a flash, but to those present, such acts of violence and hatred play-out almost as if in slow motion, and you are helpless to stop the carnage from happening. It is like sitting at an intersection and witnessing a car crash right in front of you when one car runs the red light and broadsides a second car. Everything happens at once, and all you can do is watch. That must have been what it was like to the three church members who survived the massacre.

I find it amazing that there were the usual opportunists and those hell-bent on their political agendas, that almost before the last shell casing hit the floor, jumped on their soap boxes and blamed the violence on guns, white privilege, the Confederate flag, or any number of other issues that play into the hands of the race hustles, poverty pimps, racial supremacists, and simple idiots, who relish such events to foster their causes. Guns were not the cause of the carnage, and certainly white privilege wasn’t a factor. Dylann Roof could have just as easily exploded a bomb in the church, used a axe, machete, or a baseball bat.

No, the blame falls squarely of the shoulders of Dylann Roof, whose mind had been perverted by the hatred preached on the white supremacy websites, by an upbringing where he never learned the difference between right and wrong, and most probably, like all racists, a sense that his own ineptitude and failure at anything meaningful, was always someone else’s fault. For these failures we need to look no further than his parents, and to a culture perpetuated by the current political climate encouraged by the liberal progressives, that is dividing our population into racial and/or ethnic groups, pitting all of them against each other.

It wasn’t the Confederate flag that caused Roof to finally fall off the cliff of sanity, though it is probably true that it is time to put that flag to rest in museums. It certainly wasn’t the Jefferson Memorial, the Washington Monument, or the Confederate Battle Flags emblazoned on the headstones at southern cemeteries all over The South and on the license plates and license plate frames of cars running the highways of America, that are to blame. Yet, here we are two weeks after the event hearing pundits, again mostly those involved in keeping the racial hatred alive in America, talking about removing American history from American history, as if Dylann Roof was just another victim of America’s racist past.

History is civilization’s greatest education tool. Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it. But to simply deny that events happened by removing any and all historic reference to history we find abhorrent or distasteful, is to deny that such historic happenings ever occurred. It does not make reality go away, nor does it change what has happened in the past.

To tackle the problems of racial hatred and bigotry in America, we must first start with the knowledge that slavery was not invented in the United States. This might come as a shock to the race-baiters and hate mongers we find that show up on the nightly news whenever the issue of slavery or racial equality in America is discussed. It is probably also a shock to our schools’ teachers who are out to indoctrinate our children on what an awful and despicable place America is.

The history of slavery goes as far back as 6000BC, and probably even before that when Mesopotamia emerged as a city-state. As technology advanced in society, wars became a reality, and captured enemy soldiers and civilians were forced to work without compensation. Temple art dating back to the Egyptians as early as 2575 BC, depicted expeditions along the Nile River to gather-up enemies who fled from the defeated army’s legions and place them into slavery.

Slavery was a commonly accepted practice as one of the spoils of war, and can be found in nearly every corner of the world. The city-state of Athens, in the fourth century BC, which has been named the Athenian Empire, to distinguish its political and economic dominance over other Greek states that had formed a voluntary association of governments against Persia, was considered the epitome of civilization in its day. The prisoners the Athenians captured in the battles with the Persians, resulted in more than 30,000 slaves which were used as forced labor in Greek silver mines.

Throughout history slavery has been a part of nearly every country’s heritage. We are talking about European countries, on the continent of Africa, and Asia. More than half the Roman population was made up of slaves. Even today, slavery exists in territories conquered by radical Islamists and it is estimated there are about 11.7 million slaves still in bondage in China and Southeast Asia. So I think it is appropriate to once and for all, put to rest the notion that slavery in America was a complete contradiction in the behavior of other countries.

For we observers of history the correct view of slavery is that many early settlers of the U.S. recognized that forced labor of one man over another was an abominable practice, and needed to be ended, but were powerless to do so until Abraham Lincoln became President. Abolishing slavery in the United States costs more than 600,000 Union Soldier lives, and was championed by the abolitionists of the 19th century, who began as the Whig Political Party but evolved into the new Republican Party around 1850, with Lincoln as its first president.

Moving forward looking at the history of racial bigotry, hatred, and the injustices perpetrated on Blacks in America, we discovered that equality was something that could not be gained by war or even legislated. Even though we fought a war to end that despicable and repugnant practice, it theoretically didn’t end until the Emancipation Proclamation was signed into law, but that was only on paper. With the end of the Civil War coming in 1865, the defeat of The South only forced racial prejudices to move underground, particularly in The South which was controlled by the Democrat Party.

Again, the Republican backed majority of Americans move legislatively to level the playing field with respect to the African-Americans to try to insure equality, because even though Blacks had been freed, they were still not totally recognized in the southern states as full citizens in America. It took the adoption of the 13th (which constitutionally prohibited slavery), 14th, and 15th Amendments to the U.S. Constitution, to finally move the bar in the right direction toward equally for Black America, specifically granting equal protection under the law and full voting privileges.hanging collage

Unfortunately laws are only words written on paper and do little to change the hearts and minds of people. With the deaths of so many in the Civil War, the North wanted to take out its revenge on the South during the period of Reconstruction, and required the southern states to repay the North for the War. Blacks, most of whom became Republicans, had finally gained a voice in government for the first time in American history, and were elected to southern state legislatures and even to the U.S. Congress. Unfortunately the changes wrought by radical Reconstruction resulted in a violent backlash by the Democrats and the Democrat Party, and began a movement almost as bad as slavery itself with the restoration of white supremacy in the South which sought to stand in the way and minimize those important amendments .

The Democrat Party gave rise to the Ku Klux Klan, which was able to take-over the legislatures of the southern states and put their hatred of Blacks into laws that were designed to deprive Blacks from voting, and thus enabled the Democrats to easily win elections and enact laws which essentially ended up destroying every gain made by the passage of the 13th, 14th, and 15th Amendments. Blacks once again, found themselves under the thumb of white supremacy which was every bit as cruel and inhumane as slavery itself.

The Klan operated, mostly outside the law, as the de facto enforcer of hate and injustice toward Blacks, Jews, and other ethnicities that were not lily white, Anglo-Saxon, Northern European white folks, and what is even more disgusting is that they preached their hatred while hiding behind the Holy Bible. Their favorite tool of enforcement was the hangman’s rope, followed by bombing and burning down Black churches, and intimidating those who might challenge their outlaw behavior by burning crosses on the property of their detractors.

It is safe to say that Reconstruction was the start of nearly a century of grief, injustice, and even terror for the Black population of America, and yet African-Americans have died in every war we have sent our youth to fight. Ironically, the first man to die in the American Revolutionary War was of African descent; and nearly 40,000 died fighting for their freedom as soldiers in the Union Army during the Civil War.

So, it is time for people in America to finally recognize that until the truth is told about the Blacks’ struggle for an equal stake in America, no action will really allow true equality. The efforts by liberal progressive racists and bigots of both white and black heritage to hyphenate Americans by their national origins will continue unabated.  The complicity of revisionist historians to mask the true role played by the Democrat Party to insure people of color are forced onto the New Government Plantation of subservience to government handouts will continue to divide our country.

Since we all have a stake in the game, we’ll pick-up the discussion in Part 2, with why the Democrat Party needs to be held accountable for their track record on race, and why they must be held accountable for their actions as the Party of Disappointment.


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