Democrat vs. Democratic

We have two major political parties in the United States. There is the Republican Party and the Democrat Party. Somewhere along the way we seem to have given birth to a bunch of political hacks that are bound and determine to call themselves part of the Democratic Party. There is no such party, but that is what the Democrats chose to call themselves even though there is living proof that they are anything but democratic . . . just ask Bernie.

To show you where I am going, simply type in the words, “Democrat Party” and see a long, almost never-ending parade of reference to a Democratic Party. Those mis-informed fools can’t even get the name of their party correctly!

This annoying mis-use of the word DEMOCRATIC is the exact opposite of what the Democrat Party stands for. As I just stated, just ask the supporters of Bernie Sanders who were supporting a candidate that didn’t have a prayer of a chance to become the Democrat party nominee for the president of the United States. Democratic is a term that implies fair and honest. We didn’t see much of that during the last presidential election did we? To refresh your memory, reflect on the antics of Donna Brazile, Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, Sid Blumenthal, Robby Mooks, Maggie Williams, Cheryl Mills, Clinton, Huma Abedin, Mandy Grunwald, and John Podesta. Real stand-up folks!

If that doesn’t suit you, then just look back through the history of the Democrat Party, paying special attention to the way those early party members treated citizens of the United States who were not “lilly white, Anglo-Saxton, Northern European, white folks”. . .  does SLAVERY ring a bell?

Or how about after the country just fought a major war (the Civil War in case you didn’t do well in your high school history class) during the party’s formative years in which the Democrat Party encouraged the formation of the Ku Klux Klan – what became to enforcement arm to the Democrat Party to insure the continuation of racial bigotry in America, the implementation of the Jim Crow Laws, siccing dogs on peaceful black protestors, blocking entrance to white schools in the South to prevent integration, and the concerted effort to block equal rights and equal voting for Blacks.

If you don’t want to go that far back, then concentrate on the treatment of African Americans and other minorities who were called upon to defend the country in time of war. I know that is a stretch for those who have come through the American education system since the Democrat Party took control through the federal Department of Education. Their whole goal has been to apparently dumb-down  our youth by re-inventing the history of America.

If one is an American citizen and is not familiar with the segregated military during World War I and World War II, and the difficulty the country faced in integrating all branches of the military before and during the Korean Conflict, then your ignorance may be excused somewhat. It isn’t really your fault the Democrats have screwed up your brain, BUT, after you have  gone out on your own since leaving high school, and seeing the utter disregard, in spite of millions of promises and billions of tax dollars to provide equal opportunity to the American Dream for  Blacks and other minorities, there really shouldn’t be any excuse to be ignorant of how the Democrats really view those of color. Why are they never held accountable for their failures?

Okay, Okay. Maybe I am a bit too tough on those who are members of the Democrat Party, but there isn’t a single person alive who has any sense of history (real history), that can claim the Democrat Party of John Fitzgerald Kennedy and Harry Truman, has even a strand of DNA that ties them to today’s Liberal-Progressive, Stalinesque, Marxist Democrat Party.

The strength and determination of both Truman and Kennedy to keep America the beacon of freedom for the world with a strong military and the willingness to use that power to intimidate those who would oppose peace and freedom. Kennedy’s support of equal rights for all races, sensible non-punitive taxation rates, fiscal responsibility for government, and a tough stance against Mafia control of labor unions (Jimmy Hoffa et al) and organized crime (remember Bobby Kennedy’s role as Attorney General), are far closer to the conservative side of the aisle than today’s left-wing radical Democrat Party.

Contrary to the rhetoric of the political brochures passed out during the elections the last few decades, realistically the Dems could have saved a lot of money by printing perhaps several billion fliers (you get a better rate the more you print). They have been promising the public the identical platform since the election of Bill Clinton (plus a few new radical new ideas like “gender identification” protection, mainly from the racist, bigoted mentality of the intolerant left; confiscation of self-protection guaranteed under the Second Amendment; dilution of the First Amendment covering freedom of speech – only the Left gets that guarantee; and freedom of religion – only if you are a Muslim). For the same BS they could have used the same brochures.

The history of the Democrat Party is replete with a history of being anything but a friend of Blacks and other minorities. The fact is  that it has always been the Democrat Party which has stood in the way of providing equal treatment to ALL Americans regardless of race, religion, and national origin. The only thing that counts to the Democrats is getting the people to vote for them using lies, innuendo, and promises of government handouts at the taxpayer expense, but the well-being of those being bribed with largess, never changes and life never gets better. The eight years of Barack Obama is a living tribute to failed liberal progressive policies. All you have to do is look at the numbers.

I may be a bit out of step with other people who believe conservative, constitutional government, is what has made America great, but my opinion of the entire Democrat Party is that they are nothing but control freaks wanting to tell freedom loving Americans how to live, while they inevitably enrich themselves at the expense of the taxpayer. They want separate “justice” for their heroes who have broken the law (Hillary is a shining example), while the rest of us must play by the rules, and they want to rule without any constitutional constraints, even if they have to cheat, lie, and steal to insure winning at the ballot box.

It is the old, “fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me” syndrome. When will they ever wake up, or has our educational system so polluted their minds, the effort for truth to win through is forever a dead issue? The rise this past election of an old Marxist-socialist fool like Bernie Sanders in the ranks of the Democrat Party, supported by the foolish children who are more than likely the offspring of those same dumb old Democrats, is living proof that stupid does as stupid is.


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