“Califoregoton” – Yeah . . . Go for it!

Hillary’s past caught up with her and the leftists crybabies are now bemoaning the fact they couldn’t elect their unindicted felon candidate

The 2016 presidential election has been settled. Hillary’s past caught up with her. Donald trump is the new President-Elect much to the dismay of the left, and in spite of the most lopsided peanut gallery on the left made up of a biased media; almost all of the “Hollywood elitists”; the super-rich/fat-cat crony capitalists of Wall Street; the Washington (lobbyist) influence peddlers; the entrenched politicians of both Democrat and Republican Parties; the government employee unions; the special interest groups sucking at the hind teat of government corporate welfare, and of course, the Hillary Clinton Crime Family cabal.

Obama declared the election of Hillary Clinton would be a reaffirmation of support for his legacy-in-the-making, but the American people had finally had enough of being bent over by those we had elected to govern. They rose to a peaceful revolution, ousting the failed leadership of President Barack Hussein Obama and Company and the corrupt Justice Department which clearly showed its face in their version of a two tiered system of justice, so they shouldn’t be surprised. Our government has been poking the American public in the eye dating back to January 20, 2001, with inauguration of George W. Bush, up through the Hope and Change era of the current administration. They got what they deserved!

Now comes California along with rumblings from Washington and Oregon as well, that they want to cede from the union. I think that is a great idea. Good riddance!

I suggest they start with a new country name of Califoregoton (combination of California, Oregon, and Washington). I also suggest they could adopt the Pigeon as their country’s mascot; the Connie Francis song, Who’s sorry now, as their national anthem; and be the first country in history to adopt eight official languages -English, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Tagalog, Vietnamese, and least we forget, Ebonics – but I am sure, to accommodate everyone, they might want to consider even more languages in their effort of inclusion (They already print their ballots in at least that many languages).

So, they are heartbroken that the Clinton Crime Family would not be returning to Washington to continue their unique brand of influence peddling, personal financial enrichment, and other criminal activity that has easily outpaced the likes of the Gambino Crime Family. If they are successful in their secession movement, just think what a paradise they can create.

With California as the promulgator of the movement they have a head start in their dream with California having one of the highest state tax rates of all the states. And since they want to give illegal aliens the right to vote – provide healthcare to them as well, they should be able to begin their slide into oblivion without much fanfare. The best part of this deal is that they will no longer have to provide sanctuary cities for the criminal element pouring over their southern border, as they won’t be deporting or locking them up anytime soon. Remember, these fools supported Hillary and she emphatically stated she wanted completely open borders and open trade.

With their own separate country, we Americans can relax a bit and be thankful we no longer have to have the U.S. Treasury sending federal funds to support their sub-par educational system (California receives a D+ in learning outcome for K12 students – possibly an indication of why Democrats fare so well in voting out there). We can also save a bunch of money not having to have the U.S. Customs and Border officers patrol the California-Mexican border.

Probably the greatest benefit for the other 47 states is that we would be able to say bye-bye to Senators Barbara Boxer and Diane Feinstein who have subjected the country to their gibberish for 14 years, and we’d never have to look at Nancy Pelosi ever again! As a bonus, we’d also be rid of Patty Murray and Jim McDermott from Washington.

The downside for the Democrat Party, is all the revenue they raise every election from the Hollywood elite and Silicon Valley, along with the millions bilked out of the crony capitalists, many of whom reside in their soviet styled enclave of the West Coast, would no longer be wasted trying to purchase the vote of the United States. For we Americans, we can have our country back, and would no longer have to listen to what Cher, Alec Baldwin, Whoopee Goldberg, Michael Moore, and the hundreds of uneducated, mindless idiots of Red Carpet fame have to say.

For those reading this article and think I am being a bit too harsh and those who reside in the Soviet Socialist Republics of California, Washington, and Oregon, and what their Democrat contribution to the United States has meant for those out here in “Flyover Country”.  Let’s take a short visit to the history chalkboard:

I believe it is safe to say that W’s Administration opened the door for non-stop federal spending in 2002 when it increased the national debt by 7.2% over the 2001 federal budget, and while there were a couple of years the rise in the national debt didn’t dwarf the rise in the Consumer Price Index (CPI – inflation), we have seen our national debt rise from $6,228,235,965,597 in 2002 to $19,391,704,027,667, so far in 2016, which has been an average annual increase of 6.61% over the period. This is the spending spree we have allowed our government to lay at the doorstep of our children and grandchildren.

This, in itself should be a criminal act . . . And remember, not a single Republican voted for the Affordable care Act – a trillion dollar boondoggle, or the “shovel-ready jobs fiasco. With Obama’s war on American’s energy business – oil and coal – we have seen the demise of millions of jobs and billions in taxpayer money for multiple investments in 36 alternative energy fantasies which have gone belly-up at taxpayer expense with nobody being held accountable.

Okay, Okay . . . We had some difficult financial times during this period with the financial collapse in 2008 and 2009, granted . . . but the failed economy was brought on by the politicians themselves (mainly Democrats). For those who always seem to want to go along to get along, here’s a brief summary of events leading to the financial downfall.

The collapse has been commonly referred to as a collapse of the housing market or The Great Recession, but that doesn’t give us much information to go on. The actions of our elected politicians bare one hundred percent of the blame for creating the environment in which such a mass of corruption could occur, including the democrat presidential darling, Bill Clinton, when he unveiled his “National Home Ownership Strategy,”.

This was a 100-point action plan that put as its overarching goal achieving an all-time high level of home ownership in America within a six year period from 1995 through 2001. Clinton got little scrutiny and his involvement, like most democrat feel-good wet dreams, was covered up by a complicit media. The same media that is always ready to give the Clintons and other Democrats a pass.

According to numerous sources, but most precisely described by Accuracy in Media, the truth to the financial collapse can be summarized as follows:

In 1995, the Clinton Administration announced in his home ownership strategy speech, “In a move that could help increase home ownership rates among minorities and low income consumers, Fannie Mae is easing the credit requirements on loans that it will purchase from banks and other lenders.”

Government meddling is generally the key to what often goes wrong when the marketplace is not allowed to work. When Fannie Mae ordered to increased the number of loans it would be making, President Clinton reduced Fannie Mae’s reserve requirement to 2.5%, which meant it could purchase and/or guarantee $97.50 in mortgages for every $2.50 it had in equity to cover possible bad debts (defaulted loans). If more than 2.5% of the loans were to go bad, the taxpayers, that would be the citizens of the United States, would have to pay for them. In short, we the people would be guaranteeing (in essence, co-signing) the notes, affordable or not. By its very nature, this was a stupid idea.

I’d call it insanity at best, and a glowing example of malfeasance and stupidity all rolled into one. The government actually rewarded the banks for making questionable bad loans, encouraging the banks to sign-up anyone with a pulse to buy a home, paying premium commissions and bonuses to unscrupulous sales people, and overlooking such things as credit-score, the borrowers having income sufficient to make the mortgage payments, and ignoring the fact that many who received loans didn’t even have jobs! It was an opportunity for everyone but the poor schlep signing the mortgage note to get rich.

While the government continued to call this flood of mortgages “sub-prime loans”, they should have been more aptly called, “guaranteed-to-fail-loans”. Most of the sub-prime, variable interest rate loans were made  to borrowers with poor credit ratings, no down payment on the home financed, and/or no verification of income or assets (Alt-A’s). After the honeymoon period when the interest rates began to move up a point or two, close to 25% of sub-prime and Alt-A’s loans dove quickly into default. A great movie about this boondoggle was The Big Short.

Principally the Senate Democrats in supporting Clinton’s bone-headed, feel-good home ownership program, demanded that Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac (FM&FM) buy even more of these risky loans to help the poor.  Since the mortgages purchased and guaranteed by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac were backed by the U.S. government, the loans were easily re-sold primarily to investment banks which in turn bundled most of them, taking hefty fees in the process, and were sold to investors and hedge funds all over the world as virtually risk free. The politicians in Congress (mostly Democrats) do not want you to know they caused the mess.

According to Accuracy in Media and verifiable through many other resources, “During the past eight years, the Bush administration made 17 attempts to reform FM&FM, having been made aware by whistleblowers that the books had been cooked by Clinton appointees, James Johnson and Franklin Raines (most recently Barack Obama financial advisors) who gave large bonuses to themselves and other Clinton appointees by falsely showing huge profits.

By 2006 there was enough evidence of malfeasance that Raines was forced out. He had paid himself over $90 million. Recently the court ordered him to pay back $40 million in fines, bonuses and stock options that he gave himself based on false financial statements of Fannie Mae profits. (Oh well . . . that left him only $50 million for himself!)

In the 2006 elections, the Democrats took control of the House and Senate. There are plenty of videos on the Internet showing many Democrats including Senate Banking Committee Chairman Democrat Christopher Dodd and House Banking Committee Chairman Barney Frank, responsible with overseeing FM&FM, assuring us that there were no problems with FM&FM right up to their collapse.”

To show this corruption had almost no restrictions placed upon it, virtually all the investment banks that were in trouble and being bailed out were run by financial supporters of Obama and other Democrats. The republicans in Congress, could not get anyone in the media to pay attention, even though the Secretary of the Treasury, Hank Paulson, was head of Goldman Sachs. This should have raised suspicion by itself. The new head of the $700 million bailout, Neel Tushar Kashkari, was also from Goldman Sachs. This was like letting the foxes be in charge of hen house security.

In retrospect, according to Time Magazine: ” The three main gripes against Paulson are that he was late to the party in battling the financial crisis, letting Lehman Brothers fail was a big mistake and the big bailout bill he pushed through Congress has been a wasteful mess.”

According to writers Michael Lawson and Kat Arron writing about The Betrayal of the American Dream, “Despite more than 15 years of commitments to the American dream, almost all the gains in home ownership made since Clinton launched his plan have been erased. Nearly a quarter of Americans owed more on their homes than they were worth in the first quarter of 2011. For underwater borrowers, their homes are not building household wealth, but draining it. Fewer Americans owned homes in 2011 than in 1998. The gap between African-American and white home ownership actually grew by 2 percent since 1995.”

For those stuck in the secessionist movement that have an IQ above a single digit, I say “buyer beware”. It is these same morons who gleefully wanted to follow eight years of Obama with more of the same by electing Hillary to the presidency, will take every penny you have to support their idea of a Marxist style utopia that has never worked anywhere on earth, at any time in history. So you may want to re-assess the leaders you want to follow and go back and review what made the United States the greatest concept in government ever conceived.

I plan to follow-up in my next article on with a number of issues that caused America to opt for a populous movement with Donald Trump at the helm. Most of us felt we would no longer have a country if he hadn’t won the election.


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