A new and invigorated America beginning January 20, 2017

The Left just won’t go away and accept the fact that Donald Trump won the 2016 Presidential election. As I wrote in my article last week, maybe the west coast should become their own country and let the rest of us live in the America our Founding Father left to our parents, who in turn, left to us. They would be much happier in their Liberal-Marxist utopia and I know most of Americans would be happier without the constant barrage of the Left trying to destroy the fabric of our country.

According to Inquistr.com and numerous other sources regarding the election results, Trump managed to garner the support of about 2600 counties (83% of the geographic total) across the country compared to just 500 for Hillary. But that doesn’t even come close to the absolute rejection by normal, level-headed Americans of the whole leftist agenda . . . we want to stay a free and Constitutional democratic representative republic with our unalienable rights afforded by God.

Consider the fact that 32 of the states are controlled by Republicans, while there are only 13 controlled by the Democrat Party. Five states are split governments. Every time the Democrats lose more and more control of the legislative process on the state and national levels, they increase their demand that the governing Republicans adopt liberal policies that are part of the Democrat platform. Of course, the media and the fringe elements always yell the loudest, but I think it is time the Republicans just do as the voters have been demanding and GOVERN according to the mandates outlined in the U.S. Constitution.

If the Democrats continue to cry about the election results on the Federal and state levels, perhaps they should listen to the voters in the 2600 counties across the country. Another alternative would be for them to take the appropriate action and simply find some other country that will give them the government they want. The beauty of America is that we do not have walls, fences, or guards with guns keeping people from leaving.

Califoregoton (California, Oregon, and Washington) I wrote about in my last article, the proposed break-a-way new country I proposed by the Left Coast of the United States, makes good sense to most of us in Fly-over America. They could run their country with open borders without the necessity of having sanctuary cities; coop their minorities up on newly created government plantations and provide them with all the food stamps they want, along with substandard-subsidized Section 8 Housing, lousy schools, and as much crime as their citizens would like. They could also raise their taxes as high as they want; be as politically correct as they wish, they could even have “open season” of law enforcement officers if they chose (they could even call “Black Lives Matters” when they need someone to protect them)  and all the while, run their infrastructure on solar panels and windmills . . . PERFECT!

Meanwhile, those of us with common sense will get back to the issue of turning our country around and letting Mr. Trump take a shot at flushing the Washington D.C. toilet, drain what has become a swamp of influence peddling and corruption, rebuild the institutions that made America great, appoint strict Constitutionalists to the Supreme Court, repair the healthcare system the Democrats sought so hard to destroy, put our country on course to become the energy export leader of the world, and recapture our position as the greatest economic powerhouse in a world free from tyrants and dictators.

A fact all Americans should know and understand, is that the U.S. can become the global leader and peacekeeper by re-establishing our economic dominance, insuring the integrity of the world’s reserve currency (the U.S. Dollar), and becoming the global leader in energy exports. The threat from countries like China, Russia, North Korea, and third world tyrants and terrorists, along with the massive arms build-up they are seeking to develop, cannot hold a candle to the awesome financial and economic power which was exhibit by America during and after World War II. Certainly we need to be able to carry Teddy Roosevelt’s Big Stick for insurance, but economic power could be even a greater deterrent to global unrest.

On January 20, at 12 noon, Donald Trump will be sworn in as president of the United States. On that date the citizens of the country can re-establish their goals and aspirations in the quest for their American Dream. Under a new and reinvigorated government, based on the Constitution of the United States, every citizen will have the opportunity to achieve success as nowhere else in the world. In short January 20, 2017, will become our rebirth and renewal . . . our Declaration of Independence from the government corruption and lies of liberal-progressive politics, which have shaken of country to its very foundation.

January 20, 2017 will also be a time when those who wanted a continuation of “politics as usual” by electing Hillary Clinton – policies Americans have born the burden of for several decades and which were entrenched with the ascendancy of Barack Hussein Obama during his reign for eight years, they should take time for serious soul-searching on what America means to them. Do any of them actually really want to live under Constitutional Law?

A good place for them to start their soul-searching would be to review the so-called “most transparent government in U.S. history” (self-proclaimed by Barack himself), and why America has just experienced a voter revolution at the ballot box. Remember, it was the Administration of Barack Obama that promised Hope and Change, more opportunity for all, and to fundamentally change the greatest country on earth. Instead we’ve been treated to an economic disaster equaling the paralyzing period of the Great Depression.

The Liberal-Progressive Marxist Utopia – and that was exactly what the Democrat Party has been promising for decades, has always been nothing but shared misery for all.  Examples throughout recorded history have been on display but most notably in the Soviet Union, North Korea, China, and Cuba, yet for some reason a lot of Americans have been totally blind to what has been shown as complete and abject failure.

For once Americans have tasted the bitter taste of Marxist policies in the Obama Presidency, which has been anything BUT open and transparent. For you see, those Democrats with Marxist tendencies simply cannot be honest about who they really are and what the end result of their policies will mean for the average citizen. They must conceal every move, every action, and every program, with a false narrative, and a cloak of secrecy, lies, innuendos, and half-baked truths. Obfuscation must go hand-in-hand with Marxism, as it couldn’t be sold any other way, and history has proven such forms of government are always mired with scandals and corruption. We have seen they can only be held together at the point of a gun and can only exist in a country with no means of escape.

Obama and the Democrats (with a lot of help from the country-club, establishment Republicans) came perilously close to forcing their Marxist policies on America very subtly by the bureaucratic maze it created. They didn’t need a point of a gun-iron fist, but gained undeniable control by the layers upon layers of laws, rules, regulations, mandates, and tax policies over every facet of American life. The gained control over education and healthcare, instilled political correctness, and stole the dignity of the less-fortunate citizens with a bribe of government handouts and welfare benefits. With the threat of the Internal Revenue Service and the Justice Department to meet-out their version of unequal justice, the people became more easily controllable and insured compliance over an ever-growing rebellious population.

There will always be those who have been and will continue to be duped by those on the Left; those who refuse to see life without rose-colored glasses, but corruption, particularly of the last eight years became the piles of straw that broke the camel’s back leading to the election of Donald Trump. The small handful of examples below would have been just the beginning if we would have had to deal with a President Hillary:

The Clinton Crime Family and its Foundation. An elaborate, pay-to-lay, access program, devised by Bill and Hillary to enrich themselves while selling access for political favors to the highest branches of the federal government. The donations to the Clinton Foundation, many of which were dubious at best from people who did not have America’s best interests at heart, and though disgustingly bad, didn’t hold a candle to deal allowing Russia to obtain 20% of America’s uranium reserves.

Bill Clinton made $500,000 for a half hour speech in Moscow and the Clintons received a $31 million donation to their Foundation from Frank Giustra. In a “package deal”, Giustra’s company, Uranium One, was later acquired by a Russian company. Giustra’s initial donation to the Foundation was followed with a promise for an additional $100 million, PLUS the Foundation later received another $2.6 million dollar donation from Uranium One. This is the equivalent of Judas’ 13 pieces of silver, but this Clinton enrichment scheme sold America down the river. The deal required approval by the U.S. government (Obama and Company), including approval by the Secretary of State — Hillary Clinton.

Benghazi. The terror attacks in Benghazi, Libya, resulted in four Americans dying. Our Congress held hearings about what went wrong and witness after witness, including Hillary herself,  chose to mislead and deceive the inquisitor members of Congress. The Justice Department and Obama said there was not a smidgen of evidence of wrong doing.

As to the Benghazi tragedy . . . No . . . the (supposedly rumored) truth about Benghazi is that the loss of life was just collateral damage to a botched  cover story which Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton falsely blamed on a video considered offensive to Muslims. Trying to cover their ineptness, their story was hatched to hide the fact that Libya played into an illegal, “gun running and Stinger missile” operation smuggling these and other weapons from Benghazi to Syria for use by rebel forces against the Al-Assad regime . . . an operation that was totally illegal in all aspects!

Hillary, Obama, and the whole clan of bastardized, government hermaphrodites, turned their backs on those left at the Consulate in Benghazi assigned to handle security for Ambassador Stevens. They simply didn’t want their operation blown. In the Marine Corps our motto was to never leave a member of our team behind. It has happened that in doing so other Marines sometimes died trying to honor that code. But Marines have always been ready to go.

According to the Marine Corps Times,  in spite of dozens of requests for more support prior to the attack on the compound, all were denied least they lead to the discovery of the covert operation. When the attack occurred on September 12, 2012, the FAST Marines (Marine Corps Ready Reaction Unit), who were based out of Rota, Spain, “were ready to leave for Libya at 5:45 a.m. local time the morning after the attack began”, the team’s platoon commander told the House Benghazi Investigating Committee.

According to additional testimony, Patrick Kennedy, the State Department’s undersecretary for management, requested that the FAST Marines wear civilian attire instead of their uniforms, and he couldn’t make a decision whether or not the Marines should carry their weapons with them or check them as baggage (I guess) . . . how stupid were those idiots in the State Department? The Marines weren’t going to a social event, they were going there to fight! Obama and Hillary sure know how to pick incompetent personnel!

I believe if General “Mad Dog” Mattis had been in charge of things, he would never had put up with such fools. Leaving the decision up to morons with no military experience when lives are on the line, has become business as usual for the liberals running the country and why Trump’s selection for the Department of Defense will prevent such catastrophes from happening again. Benghazi became associated with Clinton—and rightly so—but it is also Obama’s scandal as well. On top of the incompetence displayed, no administrative official will fess-up to what Obama was doing that night.

Operation Fast and Furious. According to Dailywire.com, This egregious example of a reckless government endangering lives and then scrambling to cover it up has haunted Obama for years. Operation Fast and Furious involved the Obama administration arming drug cartels and thugs south of the border as a means to undermine the Second Amendment. The program resulted in the death of U.S. Border Patrol agent Brian Terry. One of the Islamic terrorists in the Garland, Texas, attack also used a gun that was obtained through the Fast and Furious program.”

In what became eight years of cover-ups, dishonesty on all fronts, and blatant lies about the benefits versus the cost/savings of Obamacare, the Fast and Furious mess was just another chapter in Obama’s potential best-selling book, “How Can We Fool Them Today”. Like all of the exaggerations that have been attributed to the Liar-in-Chief (Obama), Eric Holder, Obama’s Attorney General, was held in contempt of Congress for stonewalling investigations into Operation Fast and Furious.

Hells bells, we even have the current Attorney General, Loretta Lynch, refusing to clarify issues with the massive ransom payments the Administration made to Iran. Some call that tantamount to “invoking the Fifth Amendment”, though she wasn’t under investigation for being part of that dubious transaction. She was just part of the smoke and mirror games Obama continues to play with the American public.

Remember, the rhetoric following the 2008 presidential election, Obama promised “the most transparent administration in history”, but true-to-form, the president further stonewalled the investigations by wrongly asserting executive privilege.  A federal judge threw out Obama’s executive privilege assertion on the grounds that the Justice Department “has already publicly revealed the sum and substance of the very material it is now seeking to withhold. Since any harm that would flow from the disclosures sought would be merely incremental, the records must be produced.”

Though Hillary wasn’t involved in this gun-running venture, surely her election to “The Throne” of the U.S. Presidency, would have been an endorsement of the corruption, lies, and illegal acts, that the Democrats and county-club establishment Republicans have been perpetrating on the American public for years.

Hillary’s multiple secretive emails. I guess if you are a Democrat, whether Anthony Weiner, Edward Kennedy, Lois Lerner, Eric Holder, or the multiple jerks that have come before Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, the outright lying has become “standard practice” whenever they get caught doing something illegal, unethical, or morally wrong. And why not? They almost always have the media eager to become willing participants in whatever cover-up the political hacks can conger up.

Like the Congressional hearings trying to get to the bottom of the Hillary email scandal, the press quickly labeled the investigation a vast right-wing conspiracy. I think Breitbart.com hit it out-of-the-park when they sarcastically stated,  “the Russians are part of the vast right rightwing conspiracy. Too bad Cosby didn’t use that after dozens of women came forward”.

The FBI Director James Comey, following a clandestine meeting between Bill Clinton and U.S. Attorney General, Lorette Lynch, at a non-descript airplane hanger, laid out enough evidence to indict Ms. Clinton on multiple felony charges, but had the temerity to declare there was no intent on Hillary’s part to hide anything.

NO INTENT? The secret server in her basement and off-the record emails disclosed by Edward Snowden, as well as emails from Obama using a fictitious name and secretive email account, easily disputed that tall tail. That was followed by Comey directing the FBI to destroy all the evidence so further investigations would be impossible. They obviously believe the American citizen is about as dumb as a flat rock.

Though a large portion of those voting in the last election (the ones who voted for Hillary Clinton) haven’t a clue about what is going on right before their very eyes, and have no idea why real Americans are simply pissed-off about what the politicians have done to our country in defiance of the U.S. Constitution, they too are complicit in the mass cover-ups. Books will be written one day, outlining the poor presidencies in the history of the country, and surely Barack Obama will be chapter one. The country was saved from having Hillary Clinton being chapter two.


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