America’s “Road to Perdition” in politics and the media

When Barack Obama said his goal was to fundamentally change America, there were many who foolishly believed the change he was promising sounded so good, because he was such a “nice-looking guy”. And besides, he would be the first African-American President. Little did they realize, and many still haven’t a clue as to what has taken place over the two terms he was in office, that the changes forced down our throats put America on the Road to Perdition.

All one has to do is look around and ask themselves, are things better than they were ten years ago? Is $200+ trillion in unfunded federal mandates (to pay for retirements and federal obligations into the future), and $20 trillion in our national debt, a good thing for our children and grandchildren? Is it not completely immoral that the federal government never talks about the long term financial Armageddon we have laid on the doorstep of future generations?

The presidential election of 2016 was an eye-opener. Basking in the knowledge that her highness, Hillary Clinton would win in a landslide, the headlines were already written and just waiting to be printed by the mainstream media of America who were solidly in her corner.

Donald Trump, having already been tarred and feathered by so-called journalists; liberal talk show hosts and hostesses; and the late-night comedians who man the mikes of the boorish programming that only those with a single digit IQ would find entertaining, was told he needn’t even show up on election day.

The piling on included the LGBTQ Fascists (according to Merriam-Webster Dictionary – persons or groups that exalts a nation and or race above the individual and that stand for a centralized autocratic government headed by a dictatorial leader, severe economic and social regimentation, and forcible suppression of opposition), and the politically correct liberal group of so-called “victims” who have been enshrined by the Democrat Party.

Fortunately for America, possibly due in part to the power of prayer, real Americans sought to leave our country better-off for our children and grandchildren, and voted to change course for the country. They voted for conservative candidates by the drove and decided to take their chances by giving the nod to Donald Trump to take a shot at salvaging the sinking ship of state.  The democrats helped by unwittingly choosing to nominate the most corrupt political candidate in the history of U.S. Elections by throwing their lot in with Hillary Clinton. This made the choice of Trump much easier for most of us.

On November 8, those in the media were jubilantly confident of Trump’s embarrassing defeat up until about the middle of the evening, when collectively the rumbling began, kind of like at the beginning of an earthquake; you could feel it. Every network began talking in terms of what “Hillary had to do” to confirm her rightful place as the heir-apparent to Barack Obama.

Results were not turning out as expected in key battle-ground states, so abruptly the atmosphere changed from Democrat over-confidence to a “fingers – crossed” realization that Trump was surging ahead in the vote totals like thoroughbred horses heading down the home-stretch . . .  Hillary was well on her way to defeat.   Before midnight, those on the Left began shedding tears as they realized the inevitable election of Trump was happening before their very eyes, and it was too late to do anything about it. The media couldn’t believe it after all they did to support Clinton’s half-assed election bid. The Left went into panic mode.

The 2016 presidential election was a stunning rebuke to a seemingly popular president, but most of what analysis has proven, much of Obama’s popularity was really based on White American’s sense of guilt over the country’s past treatment of African-Americans during the era of slavery, Jim Crow Laws, and  the violent acts of the Ku Klux Klan. This will probably be the way revisionist historians spin it, but you cannot belittle the majority of Americans. Any such conclusion would have to blame the educational system, the media, and the persistent lies of the Democrats.

Yes, there are those who should bare the guilt, but the abhorrent racial treatment of Blacks rests squarely on the shoulders of the Democrat Party. Any blame that was errantly felt by the rest of America should have been in the fact that we allowed the Democrats to act-out their vehement racial hatred without putting an end to it following the Emancipation Proclamation! After all 600,000 Americans died fighting those concepts in the Civil War. In any such discussion, the Republicans were on the side of equality and fairness, but stood ideally by when the Democrats carried out their racial rage.

The election of the first Black American president was such a tasty tidbit into which the media could sink its teeth, very little vetting was given to Mr. Obama and who he really was. Let’s face it, Obama was a very ill-qualified and dubious candidate at best. His complete lack of experience; his ties to Bill Ayers, an unrepentant terrorist; Reverend Jeremiah Wright, a radical Hate-America-First preacher; and a host of ne’re do wells like convicted felons, Tony Rezko and  former Illinois governor, Rod Blagojevich, should have been front page news in every U.S. newspaper.

There was, throughout his two terms in office, a cast of characters right off law enforcement’s Rap-Sheet Hall of Fame – Courtney Dupree, Willie Shepherd, John Corzine, Shervin Neman, Abake Assongba, Alberto and Carlos Cardona, and many others who became known to America during his eight years in Washington. A lot could have been overlooked or even forgiven by the American public had Obama not further polluted his tenure with the likes of Louis Lerner (IRS),  Attorney Generals Eric Holder and Loretta Lynch, who through selective prosecution, perpetuated two systems of justice – one for friends of Barack, and another for the rest of America. It was corruption to the core.

He became a figment of the left and the media’s imagination, with little experience in anything other than Saul Alinsky radical politics, community organization, and damn little knowledge of the U.S. Constitution. The Left even had the gall supported by the press, to call Obama  “a constitutional scholar”, when in fact, his lack of knowledge about the Constitution was apparent to many in the legal establishment. He did more to alter the separation of powers in direct conflict to the U.S. Constitution than any federally elected bureaucrat in the history of the country. . . and the media let him get away with it.

Obama may have been a political tour de force in his own campaigns, but he left a trail of devastation when it comes to his party’s status in the U.S. House and Senate, state governor’s offices and further down the political food chain as well as now failing in a long tradition of a peaceful transition of government to the next administration.

As more and more facts become unveiled because of the intentional sabotage of the federal government by Obama Insiders during the transition period, Obama followers may well get what they deserve for illegally leaking information and using federal agencies to spy on and share stolen information with media loud-mouths and hacks in their effort to embarrass the Trump administration officials and take down America on the world stage. The felonies being committed by trusted Obama confidants deserve full disclosure, prosecution, fines and jail time which would have been whitewashed under an Obama Administration, but will hopefully be prosecuted under Attorney General Jeff Sessions. The public deserves nothing less.

Naturally any American with an IQ above 10 should expect the media to “Shoot the messenger” – blame the bearer of the truth which is a metaphoric phrase used to describe the act of lashing out at the (blameless) bearer of bad news. It’s been this way since the days of Sparta.

Trump brought to the surface the media’s propensity for fake news, which purposely blamed the bearer of any bad news about the Obama Administration or any information contradicting the media’s agenda, instead of encouraging investigation into such matters.  Any good news about conservatives or Trump, simply went overlooked or not reported. Trump’s proclamations about this one-side reporting enabled many people recognize we had been duped for decades.

As part of the Lesson Learned, if we cannot believe what we read in the newspapers, on television,  or hear on the radio, we must do our due diligence to scour all sources to piece together the TRUTH on nearly every issue. With the help of the Internet that is possible. But we must be most diligently skeptical of those who would chose to deceive us with mis-direction.

By now most of us have heard about the compromising of email servers during the run-up to the presidential elections. Nobody has yet to challenge the facts that have been disclosed. What the media has attempted to do with their allies on the Democrat side of the aisle, is to change the focus of any investigation into the facts with a bogus story of “It’s the Russians”, yet time and time again we have been told by the best security personnel (the ones that we still deem as honest and non-partisan) that following months upon months of investigation, there is nothing there . . . no proof of anything; a dead end street.

So next the switch is to Julian Assange. He is castrated in the media as being a dupe of the Russians and being fed information so the Russian MUST BE involved. Yet there hasn’t been a single challenge that proves anything Assange has disclosed is anything but the truth. The media just roles right on by the facts and grabs hold of another fake news story to change directions once again.

With those attempts withering in the vine the pressure now goes after House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence Chairman, California Republican Devin Nunes who because he told the Trump Administration of his findings of leaked and disclosed confidential information by the Obama Administration, it’s all his fault, and he’s a bad guy. All the while Nunes biggest critic, Rep Adam Schiff (D. California), also on the Intelligence Committee, says Nunes should recues himself from any investigation by the Congressional Committee because he followed protocol and notified the White House so he can’t be trusted in the investigation. The press quickly jumped on this.

Wait a minute here . . . Adam Schiff was one of the first people who came to the defense of Susan Rice, who is at the center of controversy following reports that as Obama’s national security adviser she had asked for Trump transition team members’ names to be “unmasked” in surveillance reports; that she herself was a target of investigation of felonious behavior. He’s hardly in a position to even open his mouth! The press however, give Schiff a complete pass.

You see, this can of worms is being purposely polluted with he said-she said BS, tethering off in different directions to keep the people’s eye off the ball . . .

The issue at hand is the felonious conduct of surveillance of U.S. citizens under the false guise of surveilling foreign operatives, and then feeding personal and private information of U.S. citizens to the news media. This is dangerous police-state tactics; It is illegal being a felony at best and might even be treasonous depending on the information leaked.

We the people have been lied to for so long by first our federally controlled school systems, whose purpose was to give us a revisionist history of America. We were then dumbed-down into believing the political elite actually care about the people of America, a mantra that was  supported by the media and corrupt politicians of both parties. The only thing that matters to most politicians  is their retention of power, and grabbing as many benefits and financial wealth as they can through the influence they peddle from their elected positions. There is no independent media to keep them in check.


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